No Bronze, Silver, or Gold packages; no lost leaders or upgrades!

Easy and without a catch: All options are included!

Monthly- no contract


  • Unlimited coupons on one website
  • Bilingual concept: 1 French version and 1 English version are integrated
  • Segmentation options (targeting particular clients or pages, placement…)
  • Facebook connect
  • All types of display included: desktop, tablet, mobile
  • Connection on your Google Analytics
  • Links to email database
  • Service for Leadstream clients: Preferential


$100per coupon

  • Only pay once for your coupon design
  • Use the design for an unlimited number of coupons and for as long as you want
  • Graphics for desktop computer, tablets and mobile phones included
  • Bilingual concept for visuals and fields: one version in French and one in English
  • Complete integration to your website