Find out what our tool can do for your dealership

Create Customized Coupons

We offer tailor-made turnkey support where we create the coupon that best meets your needs.

Increase Mobile Conversion Rates

Our coupons provide leads through Facebook Connect, which will greatly increase conversion on cellphones and tablets.

Lead Qualification

You can choose which fields your visitors must fill in to better qualify your lead.

Precise Targeting

Set up a distinctive coupon for each section of your website, depending on where your visitor happens to be.

Optimal Distribution of Leads

Your leads can be directed to the appropriate department depending on the type of coupons chosen.


You can choose the delay time before the coupon appears as well as the maximum number of times it will appear.

It’s adaptive so you will get leads from all over!


Can be adapted for all platforms!

Have coupons that are optimized in an adaptive way on all devices in order to see a high rate of conversion.

Being able to personalise the coupon for each type of device in order to increase each one’s performance.

Being able to target users of a specific type of device or many types of device.


Convert visits to leads!

We know that in today’s world there are less walk-ins and clients do most of their research on the internet.
You work hard to bring traffic to your website, but your goal is to generate leads that will bring in sales! br />Maximise your website’s potential with LeadBooster by multiplying the leads you currently receive.

You can have many lead generators on various parts of your site: New Car Sales, Used Car Sales, Service, Parts, Financing and more!
Don’t wait any longer because you are losing precious sales opportunities every day!

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